Series Roadmap

Last updated 9/11/2019

A rough outline of future Crypt Shyfter plans. Nothing is set in stone. Some or all of this stuff may never happen, but this is where my head is at right now. Click here for the full devlog.

Series Update

  • Frostfall – 8/25/19
  • Moonbright – 8/28/19
  • Mon Magma – 9/2/19
  • Vortex – 9/9/19
  • Dreadnaughts – IN PROGRESS
  • Exile
  • Starwisp
  • Rebellion
  • Limerick
  • Atomic Angel – this adventure may get expanded dramatically. I found an old outline for it that would make the game significantly longer. Still considering whether or not to add to the scenes that got cut, but leaning toward yes
  • Legend of Silver Wolf, Master of the Grey Blade
  • Howling Flame
  • Crimson Wings
  • Dinosaur Wizard
  • Oathbreaker
  • Pizza Quest
  • Warp Hounds
  • Fallen Empire
  • Blood Island
  • Chapel of Evil
  • Turbo Wars
  • Warriors of Cloud Mountain
  • Citadel of the Flame King
  • Dragonfire

Adventures currently being written

  • Overlord
  • Shattershard

“The Chessmen Series” (sword & planet story arc)

  1. The Angel’s Pawn
  2. The Crooked Rook
  3. Bishop’s Gambit
  4. Knights of Fuzonia
  5. Queen of the Universe
  6. Revenge of the Star King

Weird Western trilogy

  1. Legend of Pulpit Rock
  2. Coyote’s Wish
  3. Echo & Klinge

Games getting cut from the bundle

  • Abomination
  • Storm Shadow
  • Legend of Azmar

I’m not going to put any time into updating these games. If you want to play them, buy the bundle now and save them in a separate folder. Starting 11/1/2019, these entries will no longer be included in the bundle, but if you have ’em already, you’ll always have ’em!

Why are these games getting cut?

Abomination and Storm Shadow were originally written as entries for Halloween contests, not as serious games in the series. Additionally, they’re the only games where you play as a Shyfter instead of a hero. To be honest, I hate “evil campaigns” and stories about evil characters. I wrote them from a Shyfter perspective because some vocal readers kept requesting it, but I don’t like writing or reading these kinds of games. These are my two least favorite adventures in the series. I’ll never write a game where you play as a Shyfter again.

Legend of Azmar is an oddball adventure in the series, an experimental game like Crypt Shyfter Quest. I already removed Quest from the lineup, but this one doesn’t fit in the series either, so it’s gotta go.